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Katherine Flannery has experience in film, television, theater, Opera, print and runway modeling. She loves a good pun. But if we're being honest, she loves a bad pun just as much. 

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color: Red

Eyes Color: Blue

About Me


Plunder Quest | Starring | Dir: Kalani Hubbard

Nytmare | Starring | Dir: Joe Gatto

The Domicile | Starring | Dir: Jared Cohn

Your Smell | Starring | Dir: Jaijie Li

Bug | Starring | Dir: Gerald Lano

Tumble | Starring | Dir: Gerald Lano

What About Joe | Lead | Dir: Tieh Sheng

Killer Looks | Lead | Dir: Christopher Krueger

Black Sheep | Lead | Dir: Steven Cole Torres

You Drive Me Crazy | Lead | Dir: Wendy Fishman

LA Moment | Lead | Dir: Drake Ford

Engagement | Lead | Dir: Jon Sanhueza

Peter and the Wolf | Lead | Dir: Rhys Robertson

The Mistress and the Dog | Lead | Dir: Armand Ruhlman

Gouge | Lead | Dir: Briana Bonome

Swell | Lead | Dir: Joey Angerone

Zombie Pizza | Supporting | Dir: Mike Dudko

Death Face VS' Bikini Beach Party | Alicia Peterson | Dir. Ari Davis

10E | Supporting | Dir: Vahik Pirhamzei

Once Upon a Time in Mongolia | Supporting | Dir: Donald Leow

Special Skills

Improviser - Multiple levels at UCB & LA Connection, current team: Aces of Improv

Classically trained Opera Singer - soloist at Carnegie Hall

Modeling - Commercial and High Fashion Print, Runway (New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week)

Accents - Southern, English, North Eastern

Instruments - Piano (intermediate), Ukulele (intermediate), Flute (beginner), Guitar (beginner)

Sight Reading

Sight Singing

Driver's License - Manual and Automatic

SCUBA - PADI Open Water Certified

Great with children

Animal lover

Training & Workshops


Christy Faison

Jami Rudofsky

The Lyndon Technique (Advanced) - Amy Lyndon

Roz Coleman (NYC)

Craig Duke (NYC)


Wagner College (BFA) - Janet Pranschke


Upright Citizens Brigade - Brandon Gardner


Mike Pointer

Mary Callahan


Marianne Challis (NYC)

Stephen Fox (NYC)

Only Children | Recurring Goes Star | VIMEO/Danny Wascou

Hustle | Guest Star | PILOT/Mitch Magee

You Can Do Better | Guest Star | TRUTV/Paul Hogan

Project Runway | Guest Star | LIFETIME/Rich Kim


Kinusara SilkI | In The Attic | Lead

Fre Skincare | Living Locket Films | Lead

Yamaha | Blue Rock Creative | Lead

Third Love | Tube Science | Lead | PetNet | Lead

Match.Com | Creative Suspect | Lead

Vivo V7 | Dir. Derek Song | Lead

Keurig Moments | Script to Screen | Supporting

Hollywood 48 Miracle | Red Visual New York | Lead

Split Results | Dir. Tom Xia | Lead

How to be a Disney Hero | Disney | Lead

Spiderman Color Shock Slinger | Disney Interactive | Lead

Kars4Kids Hot Car Awareness | Kars4Kids | Lead

Celebrity Curls | HotSpots TV Production | Lead

Theatre (Partial List)

Wicked | Glinda | Creating Arts Company

Hollywood Canteen | Lucy | Bob Hope USO

Cinderella | Cinderella | Creating Arts Company

We the People | Elizabeth | Zoo Theatre Company

Clifton's Canteen | Lucille Ball | Creating Arts Company

Captivated: Victoria | Ensemble | They Played Productions

Crossing Lights | Kate | OFF BROADWAY (NYC)

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